Back from Intermission

After a two year intermission, I am very excited to announce that food & a film will be resuming! A new post will go up every Wednesday beginning next Wednesday, September 4th! 17 films have been selected for the remaining 17 Wednesdays in the year, but hopefully this will just be the beginning, and food & a film will be able to continue into next year and beyond!

If you are eager to find out what films have been selected, make sure you are following @foodandafilm on Instagram. On the Friday before the first Wednesday of every month, a trailer will be posted on Instagram Stories revealing the 4 or 5 films that will be featured in the upcoming month. The trailer for September is currently up on Stories so if you have not already, head to Instagram to see the month’s film selection!

I would like to thank you all so very much for your support, and for sticking around. I am delighted to be returning to this tiny corner of the internet, and I just hope it brings you, at the very least, a bit of the joy that it brings me. Until Wednesday!

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