Reservoir Dogs

When a diamond heist goes wrong, the thieves begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant. Directed by Quentin Tarantino and released in 1992, Reservoir Dogs opens with eight men seated around a table in a Los Angeles diner. The unacquainted crooks, brought together by a veteran swindler, engage in small talk as they finish up their breakfast. The topic of conversation jumps from Madonna’s song “Like a Virgin” to the practiced social custom of tipping before they depart the diner to carry out the intricately planned robbery. Continue reading “Reservoir Dogs”

Rear Window

Confined to a wheelchair with his leg in a cast, photographer L.B. Jefferies (James Stewart) spends his days looking out of the rear window of his Greenwich Village apartment and spying on courtyard neighbors. After a bit of passive voyeurism, Jeff soon comes to suspect that one of his neighbors has just committed murder.

Rear Window (1954) might just be my favorite film of director Alfred Hitchcock, my all-time favorite film director. This is also the film that started it all and inspired me to create food & a film. Specifically, it was the scene where Lisa Carol Fremont (Grace Kelly) arrives at Jeff’s apartment for dinner accompanied by Carl, the smartly dressed server outfitted in a red formal jacket who is there to deliver takeaway from 21 Club. Hitchcock devotes an entire shot of his film to the elegant dinner consisting of baked lobster and very thin French fries. Ultimately it was this specific shot that provided me the motivation to start food & a film. I thought it would be fun to prepare a similar meal to accompany a screening of this cinematic masterpiece, as well as start creating menus inspired by some of my other favorite films. Continue reading “Rear Window”