The Goonies

When Mikey and his friends, The Goonies, find a treasure map in his attic, the group sets out to find the fortune in order to save their neighborhood from being foreclosed.

The Goonies_mapThe Goonies (1985), in addition to being one of my favorite films, is a film that is filled with countless food moments. There are actually so many instances of food – both as props and in the dialogue – that I am not going to even attempt to try and list them all.

The Goonies_pizza & pepsiA few of the standout moments, however, are all involving junk food featured on-screen. Pizza makes numerous appearences, and there is also plenty of Pepsi product placement. There are also moments involving potato chips and whipped-cream, as well as numerous flavors of ice cream and a Baby Ruth candy bar.

The Goonies_ice cream

The Goonies_baby ruthI should note that majority of these food moments involve Chunk, and there is a fantastic article that lists all of the food he eats and references in the film.

The Goonies_2Since there is so much pizza in the film, I felt obligated to base my menu around it. Instead of creating a gourmet pizza from scratch, I thought it would be more appropriate to heat up a frozen one, which seems more in keeping with the food featured in the film.

The Goonies_3Of course I also had to have soda, served in a Pepsi glass from the 80’s. And as for the tablecloth, I somehow I managed to find the greatest piece of fabric, ever – it’s vintage AND pirate-themed.

The Goonies_4Additionally, I found vegan recipes for both rocky road ice cream and Baby Ruth candy bars, which I believed to be absolutely essential to the menu since they are both beautifully featured in the film. I highly recommend these recipes; they are both delicious!

The Goonies_5Well there you have it – my culinary homage to The Goonies. Thanks for visiting food & a film! Until next week! ☠

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